ISORC-2017 Accepted Papers

Geetha Satyanarayana, Liren Tu and James Hill. Real-time, Non-instrusive Instrumentation and Monitoring of Standards-based Event-based Applications
Xiteng Liu. Essential Data Elements: Extraction and Recovery
Uwe Brinkschulte. Determining the Communication Load for Self-Building Embedded Systems Based on Artificial DNA
Jiqin Zhou, Weigong Zhang, Keni Qiu, Ruiying Bai, Jing Wang and Xiaoyan Zhu. Expected Completion Time Aware Message Scheduling for UM-BUS Interconnected System
Yijie Huangfu and Wei Zhang. Static WCET Analysis of GPUs with Predictable Warp Scheduling
Luca Pezzarossa, Martin Schoeberl and Jens Sparsoe. A Controller for Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration in FPGA-based Real-Time Systems
Bekim Cilku, Wolfgang Puffitsch, Daniel Prokesch, Martin Schoeberl and Peter Puschner. Improving Performance of Single-path Code Through a Time-predictable Memory Hierarchy
Milad Irannejad, Guy Martin Tchamgoue and Sebastian Fischmeister. A Reordering Framework for Testing Message-Passing Systems
Hiroyuki Chishiro, Kohei Osawa and Nobuyuki Yamasaki. Responsive Task for Real-Time Communication
Stefan Reif, Timo Hönig and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat. In the Heat of Conflict: On the Synchronisation of Critical Sections
Harsh Singh and Qusay Mahmoud. ViDAQ: A Framework for Monitoring Human Machine Interfaces
Denise Ratasich, Oliver Höftberger, Haris Isakovic, Muhammad Shafique and Radu Grosu. A Self-Healing Framework for Building Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems
Maria A. Serrano, Alessandra Melani, Sebastian Kehr, Marko Bertogna and Eduardo Quiñones. An Analysis of Lazy and Eager Limited Preemption Approaches under DAG-based Global Fixed Priority Scheduling
Nathan Allen, Hammond Pearce, Partha Roop and Reinhard von Hanxleden. A model driven approach for cardiac pacemaker design using a PRET processor
Nicholas Harvey-Lees-Green, Morteza Biglari-Abhari, Avinash Malik and Zoran Salcic. A Dynamic Memory Management Unit for Real Time Systems
Carlos F. Nicolas, Iban Ayestaran, Tomaso Poggi, Goiuria Sagardui and Jose-María Martín. A CAN Restbus HiL elevator simulator based on code reuse and device para-virtualization
Volkmar Sieh, Robert Burlacu, Timo Hönig, Heiko Janker, Phillip Raffeck, Peter Wägemann and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat. An End-To-End Toolchain: From Automated Cost Modeling to Static WCET and WCEC Analysis
Alex Magalhaes, Luciana Rech and Ricardo Moraes. A Soft Real-Time Scheduling Engine for Cost Reduction in Freemium Companies
Shweta Khare, Janos Sallai, Abhishek Dubey and Aniruddha Gokhale. Short Paper: Towards Low-Cost Indoor Localization using Edge Computing Resources
Thomas Ballenthin, Boris Dreyer, Christian Hochberger and Simon Wegener. Hardware Support for Histogram-based Performance Analysis of Embedded Systems
Jin Hyun Kim, Deepak Gangadharan, Oleg Sokolosky, Axel Legay and Insup Lee. Extensible Energy Planning Framework for Preemptive Tasks
Michel Gémieux, Yvon Savaria, Jean-Pierre David and Guchuan Zhu. A Cache-Coherent Heterogeneous Architecture for Low Latency Real Time Applications
Xingliang Zou, Albert Cheng, Carlos Rincon and Yu Jiang. Multi-Mode P-FRP Task Scheduling
Yue Qin, Xingliang Zou, Albert M. K. Cheng and Yu Jiang. Finding a steady state point to minimize schedulability interval for fixed priority periodic real-time tasks with arbitrary phasing
Scott Eisele, Istvan Madari, Abhishek Dubey and Gabor Karsai. RIAPS:Resilient Information Architecture Platformfor Decentralized Smart Systems